You’ve set up a Portfolio, or a Team of Teams. You’re ready to start planning for a big initiative and this often occurs at the top level as the ideas come in, are validated and then broken down into more manageable, yet valuable parts which teams can then work on. The Portfolio Planning Tool is a key mechanism in ScrumDo that you can use to break down the work. This example uses a 3 level Portfolio, with Portfolio at the top, a couple of programs and teams within the programs.  

The Portfolio Planning tool is available from the toolbar located on the right of the screen in the Workspace view. You can also see that there are several items, which are called epics, that can be broken down. Epics is a common naming convention, if you prefer to use another name it can be changed in the Workspace settings.   

 Clicking on an item in this list allows you to break it down further. Here is how that looks. The first epic is broken into sub-components called features suitable for programs to deliver.  

 The features need to broken down even further for teams in a program to work on, the Registration and Login feature has been broken down into the smallest of components called User Stories.    

As you are adding the  features and stories you can decide the best program or team to do the work, it will then end up in the backlog for the program or team.

 The work that ends up in the Backlog is viewable through Downstream Planning Tab. Here shared card at the Program Level can be pulled into an Program Increment:   

 The Portfolio Planning tool is also very useful in SAFe PI Planning, and we can even help facilitate that with you. 

To learn more about other features in ScrumDo Enterprise, or how to best leverage them in your environment, visit our help center or connect with a virtual coach through ScrumDo.

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