What is Downstream Planning?

As introduced in Understanding the Different Levels of Planning in ScrumDo Enterprise help article, Downstream Planning is a part of more complex environments found within large enterprises. Not unlike local planning, downstream planning enables teams to take larger pieces of work and break them down into smaller features or user stories for the teams within the value streams or programs. 

 The Downstream Planning interface is intended to ease the planning one level down from your current workspace level, and committing stories to specific delivery increments. 

Figure A

How do you use Downstream Planning?

Downstream Planning is available at the Portfolio, Value Stream, and Program levels. Open one of these levels. If you are working within Iterations, you will need to open the iteration in which you wish to do the planning, then go click on the Downstream Planning tab. If you are using Continuous Flow simply go to the Downstream Planning tab, then take a walk through our step by step “How to..” guide on Downstream Planning. 

The example in Figure A is a three level Portfolio. You are looking at the Portfolio level where you can choose which Program you want to work on from the drop down menu, on the top left just below the tabs. This is where you will pull Epics and create new features. 

To learn more about other features in ScrumDo Enterprise, or how to best leverage them in your environment, visit our help center or connect with a virtual coach through ScrumDo.

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