When you first log into ScrumDo, you arrive at your personal dashboard. This interface provides an overview of work items to which you've been assigned, worskpaces with which you are affiliated, and a timeline of activity within those workspaces.  Specifically, in the left hand column of this screen are the containers for “My Cards” and "My Workspaces".  To the right is the Newsfeed:

Along the top navigation bar of the application are some items that are also important to note.  First is our Virtual Coaching Owl that opens your communication link to our virtual Lean-Agile coaches (Premium Plan subscriptions only). 

Next is the Question Mark, which is a link to our Help Center.  This is where you go to research questions you may have regarding use of the tool or similar matters.  

Finally, the drop down menus under your organization name and account icon (the gear) provide links to other key resources and actions.

My Workspaces (formerly Projects) 

Your workspaces space (accessed from the navigation bar at the top of your dashboard) provides a comprehensive list of workspaces to which you have access. You can personalize the priorities of this display by electing to “watch” (or "favorite") specific workspaces . Just select the hidden star icon next to any workspace you wish to watch:

My Cards

As noted earlier, work cards to which you are assigned (and are part of a current iteration) will show up in the My Cards section of your dashboard.

Don’t see anything? The most common issue with cards not showing up is because the iteration of which they are a part is outside of the current date. There are two options to fix this. You can change the dates on the iteration so the current date falls within their range, or you can remove the iteration dates entirely (essentially electing a continuous flow workspace).

To change the iteration dates or to switch to continuous flow, go to the settings of your workspace(s) then click Workspace Flow. There you will be able to edit your iteration or enable continuous flow. 

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