When most users first log in to ScrumDo, they will arrive at their personal dashboard. Your dashboard provides a general overview of information relevant to you (work cards to which you're assigned, workspaces to which you have access, and a news feed of activity).  Your dashboard has 5 options in an upper menu bar: Overview, Workspaces, Teams, Extras and Search.  Let's quickly review where each of these will take you: 

  • Overview - this link brings you to your dashboard where you can access the story cards to which you're assigned from your "My Cards" section of the left panel, or any story card contained within the timeline by clicking on its paperclip icon. "My Workspaces" section on the left panel gives you access to workspaces you are 'watching'. 'My WIP Limit' section gives you a summary of the number of cards you are assigned to across all workspaces and a way to manage your personal capacity.
  • Workspaces - brings you to the workspace overview, where you can see a complete list of all the your workspaces in the organization. This is also the interface you'll need to access to create new workspaces or portfolios. You can ‘watch’ a workspace’s progress by toggling the star icon next to the workspace name.
  • Teams - brings you to the team interface where you can manage which users have access to your workspaces and invite new people to your organization (for those users with workspace administrator privileges).
  • Extras - this area is where you can manage all of ScrumDo's available third-party integrations at an organizational level: GitHub, Basecamp, Slack, Flowdock, Hipchat. It also is where the documentation for the ScrumDo API is found. 
  • Search Bar - allows you to search your entire organization (across all workspaces, collections, stories, tasks, iterations) for work cards that contain information matching your search terms.

Top Navbar Options

On the far right side of the top navigation bar are items that will provide access to a number of important functions. Let's look at each a little more closely:

  • The Virtual Coaching Owl - Launches our communication platform with direct and immediate access to ScrumDo's network of Lean-Agile experts (this feature is available to Enterprise plan customers and as a paid add-on for other subscription levels).
  • Help Center - this link launches our Help Center (where you're at now) that contains a growing knowledge base of information relevant to answering both your platform and process related questions.
  • Organization Menu - opens a drop down menu with links to a number of important functions
    - Subscription Information (Account Owners Only)
    - Organization Settings  (Account Owners Only)
    - Time Tracking
    - Dashboard
    - Workspace List
    - Teams
    - Export
  • User Account Menu - these menu options are specific to your user account (such as modifying your email notification settings, your personal details, and Logging Out of the platform, among other things.

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