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NOTE:  We are in the process of updating all of our help center following the release of ScrumDo Enterprise on February 18-19, 2017.  While most of our original content remains accurate, please be aware you may encounter some design and navigational differences reflected in the help center content until we make it through all the materials. Thanks for your patience.

ScrumDo has an built-in chat tool to help teams communicate and share project artifacts.  Users can easily access this feature via the top nav bar in the tool:

TIP:  Teams using the Scrum framework understand the importance of always being present for the team's daily stand-up. If your team doesn't physically occupy the same space, however, or you're out of the office, the chat tool can be a convenient way participate in this important event.

The chat interface is also great for communicating about impediments and other collaborative communications. It even allows you to drop quick screen shots to convey your ideas to your team right in the chat window.

It's important to recognize the chat interface is contextual to each project / workspace. Change the context by clicking the project / workspace name displayed in the left panel.

A green dot next to a team member's name means that user is currently online:

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