NOTE:  We are in the process of updating all of our help center following the release of ScrumDo Enterprise on February 18-19, 2017.  While most of our original content remains accurate, please be aware you may encounter some design and navigational differences reflected in the help center content until we make it through all the materials. Thanks for your patience.


User accounts in ScrumDo are valid across multiple organizations.  The "user" limitations associated with organizational subscriptions relate to the number of users an organization can have associated with active projects / workspaces in their subscription -- not whether the user accounts, themselves, are active.

This is an incredibly powerful feature for a variety of common contexts:

  • you contract with independent vendors to deliver specialized skills 
  • your own staff provides outsourced professional services to other ScrumDo customers
  • you're engaged in a joint venture with another company
  • and many more

So if you have an project / workspace where it is necessary to involve people from other organizations (and those people already have their own accounts), there's no need for them to create a separate user account under your organization.  Just invite them to your project / workspace using their existing username (or e-mail associated with their username).  

Go forth and collaborate, my friends!  ScrumDo will never be an impediment to better collaboration among you and your partners!

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