What are Risks?

Risks, by definition, are the chances you take when embarking on any piece of work that has circumstances around it that may cause it to fail. Depending on the type of work it is, the risk may affect one or all of the following types: Business, Financial, Technical. 

System Risks

There are a few risks we’ve determined to be system risks. Once these tip the scale a risk is generated and added to your list of risks and how ScrumDo shows this:

  • Exceeding the WIP (WIP area turns red)
  • Pass Due Date (calendar turns red)

Here are a few more thoughts on Risk-Handling Strategies from Scrumban [R]Evolution, by Ajay Reddy:

It’s useful to recognize that the risk management strategies we develop will dictate how we manage risk. These strategies usually encompass the following elements:

Assumption: Assuming the consequences of risk (understanding the potential impacts and ensuring resources are available to deal with them).

Avoidance: Changing the situation that creates the risk so as to avoid it altogether.

Mitigation: Proactively planning to reduce the risk.

Transfer: Shifting consequences of the risk to another party (or recovering

from another party shifting the consequences to us).

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