Estimated Time is a great tool for planning out the capacity of your team which is important for getting good estimates for deliverables. 

To input a time estimate on a task, simply click on the corresponding card and enter the time value is hh:mm format:

Here are some settings you can control in Workspace Settings:

You can control: 

  • Where the Time estimate is located
  • If tasks time estimates are included
  • If Child Cards are totaled in parent cards (will reflect in the burndown chart in the reports area)
  • How the Burndown Chart calculates remaining time
  • And how many hours are in 1 working day

The Burndown Chart is the report that gives you some insights into how your team is doing with Estimated Time. Please refer to this article for more details:

If you are not interested in tracking estimated time, you can turn this option off in the Workspace settings area here: 

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