You can do the following through ScrumDo’s Member Interface:

  • Manage access to your organizational information and settings
  • Grant access to specific workspaces
  • Grant specific privileges 


Account Owners in ScrumDo are vested with "super administrator" rights. This means these users have full visibility, administrative and read/write privileges across all workspaces in the organization, as well as administrative rights with regard to the organization itself (including subscription and payment settings). 

For organizations that wish to establish multi-level portfolios, your Account Owners are your top-level portfolio managers.

Your subscription administrator will want to create other teams as your needs allow. One common convention is to create a team (or teams) for users who will need read/write access privileges for a single workspace (or multiple workspaces). Users added to these teams will only have read-write privileges for work in those workspaces.  

Another common practice is to create a team in whose members you want to vest administrative privileges for specific workspaces. These privileges are called "Workspace Manager Access" in ScrumDo Enterprise, and users will have admin privileges across only those workspaces specifically designated for that team. Workspace Admins do not have privileges to change organizational or subscription settings.

Privilege Levels

When creating a team, there are four levels of privileges you can designate for that group of users:

  • Read Only - These users will be able to view the workspace associated with the team, but they won't be able to make any changes.  Also, they won't be having any access to Workspace settings.
  • Read/Write - These users can see the project, create stories, and generally participate in the workspace. Most users will require this level of access.
  • Workspace Manager - These users can do everything the R/W users can, plus they can access workspace admin settings.
  • Account Owner/Staff User - teams with Account Owner privileges bestow administrative access right for all workspaces in an organization. Account Owners are also allowed to modify subscription details, create new teams or workspaces, and invite new users to workspaces and teams.
  • Customer Access - Customer can track the progress of their card when added with 'Customer Access' role in the particular workspace. Though they won't be able to add tasks or modify most of the fields, they can update the main fields such as Details summary

Assignee List

On the Teams’ interface, there is an option labeled “Members show up as assignees”.

If this option is selected, the members of that team will show up as possible options to whom a work card can be assigned. Generally, you want to leave this option unchecked if the team you're creating will only be viewing activity and not actually working on items.

If you need further help, please search the help center or reach out to us through our Help/Support Interface.

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