Switching to continuous flow (Kanban style) via Workspace Settings/Workspace Flow essentially creates an iteration without an end date.  The stories in previous iterations will be archived and the board becomes the main focus rather than the summary page as there are no longer iterations.  The summary page is no longer available.

Here's an example:

New Continuous Iteration was created without an end date:

Next choose the flow setting, take the Continuous Iteration we set up previously to be the new 'flow' iteration and choose the location of the old iterations/stories to be placed.

The stories in the iterations got moved to the Archive.  The history of the sprint/iteration a card was in is in the individual card's history.  The summary view of all iterations is no longer available and the board is now the main focus.  

The history of prior performance via reports is still available, for example in Burndown charts:

As I mentioned, this results in a Kanban like board.  Strictly it's not Kanban until there are column WIP limits in the committed work portion of the board.  WIP limit create the conditions for flow.  When you have WIP limit, then you'll have a Kanban system.  The board editor is where you set them.

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