Team members and Customers can send work requests and ideas into the backlog via email.  

They now can also add attachments to the email and they will be added to the card as well.  

Here’s an example:

Our customer, April May, has already been invited and added to the list of customers in the Workspace Dashboard. She creates an email with a new idea for her product with an image attachment:

ScrumDo receives the message and a card has been created and the image is attached:

Customers, and anyone else with access, can still send emails to the card and they will appear in the Conversations tab of the card.   

Here, the customer is replying back to the email received from ScrumDo when the card was created and adding more information:

ScrumDo receives the message and has added it to the Conversations tab of the card:

Some Caveats

  • E-mails must be sent from an address that's associated with a user account that has write access to the project (so if you're integrating with another system that automatically generates e-mails, you may need to create a special account for this or otherwise assure the system will designate an appropriate "from" address.
  • This feature is only available on premium level subscription plans.
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