A common usage of ScrumDo that we have found through our users, is for them to invite comments from their customers onto cards that they have created themselves.

Customers have been able to create their own cards and edit them themselves.  They could not access cards that a team has created.

Now Customers can do that.  For example, a customer that exists in a Customer Group can also be added to another group which has Read/Write access to the workspace and then be able to edit any card.  If a team wants to only provide read only access, that can be done by putting them in a Read Only group and they see all cards but can only edit their own..

Here are worked examples of what is possible for all scenarios we cater for.  

  1. The first example is what we have had in previous versions and shows a Customer who can add cards.  The cards show up with a purple border on the board.  They can view them and edit them.  They don’t see other cards.

2. In this second example, the same customer has been added to a read only group.  They can view other cards but not edit them.  They can still edit the cards they own.

3.  This example show how a Customer can be placed in a Read/Write group.  They can create cards, read any card and edit any card.

4. A Customer can also be placed in an Manager group.  This means they can do anything a Customer can do in a Read/Write group with the added ability to modify settings in the workspace.

5. A customer can still be in Read Only group but if they are in also in a higher level group such as Read/Write and Administrator then the permissions applicable to those override and supersede Read Only.

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