Successful teams and a Team of Teams, are the lifeblood of a thriving organization. Being able to see how they meaningfully contribute to the success of the organization in an easy and visually appealing way is a key feature of ScrumDo.

Let’s take an example, a 35 person company which offers one product that has a standard set of features and also premium features or modules that can be purchased on top of that. There are four teams that work to deliver features and support users within this product offering. Sounds simple enough, it becomes even clearer when we see it visualized.   

It’s easy to get started to see this structure in place in ScrumDo. Our help describes how to do this and here is what we have:  

You can change your ‘Team of Teams’ structure after this as well, by adding and removing Workspaces: 

Details of the Portfolio can be modified by clicking the modify icon on the right of the screen in Workspace view. Here a couple of extra risk dimensions have been added. Teams get to see this for themselves, no one is the dark. 

 And other details of the portfolio can be modified: 

The first time entering a portfolio and workspace, ScrumDo will ask for a board layout to be created and a convenient wizard is provided you with that. 

You can customize the layout for your own unique situation. The board editor help page describes how to do that, here this portfolio needs an extra row: 

The Big Picture Tab shows how your Team of Teams looks and is a convenient way to navigate to teams.   

It’s easy to invite teammates and customers to the workspaces via the Workspace Dashboard for a team or portfolio.   

Customers also can have their access extended to add and edit work cards.

With a structure in place you may want to add some work for teams to do using the Portfolio Planning Tool.  

To learn more about other features in ScrumDo Enterprise, or how to best leverage them in your environment, visit our help center or connect with a virtual coach through ScrumDo.


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