ScrumDo already has public boards that it makes available for anyone to see the boards.

ScrumDo also provides a way to help an organization's or team's customers access to their board without giving away all that they are working on. Customer access roles have the ability to add and manage their cards. Customers can add cards to the 'backlog' of the workspace or add it directly to the board.

Customer requests are tagged with a special tag:  <username>_req.  All customer requests are outlined with a purple outline to differentiate what has been requested by their customers. A customer cannot see other customers' cards or any of the other cards of the workspace for that matter.

Conversation with a customer is an important facet in collaborating with the customer while protecting the internal deliberations.

The Conversation tab has two sub-tabs. The "Customer Chat" tab allows for rich text conversation with the customer within the context of a card. The Internal Comments tab is not visible to the customer unless otherwise specified.

In addition other fields and detail of the card can also be hidden from the customer.

To give a customer a customer role simply create a new team and set the access to 'Customer Access'. Learn more about Roles and Access in this article on Privilege Types.

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