What is Velocity?

Velocity is an indicator of the amount of work a Team may be able to tackle during an iteration and is the important metric in Scrum. Velocity is calculated at the end of an Iteration by adding the Points for all the 'Done' cards in that iteration.

What is a Velocity Trend?

A velocity trend report is a measure of velocities over the past iterations. It is used to understand how much of work may be accepted in a new iteration. The velocity trend reports are applicable for iterative workspaces in ScrumDo.  The velocity trend report is available from the workspace report section.

The velocity can be averaged, over several recent (~10) sprints (removing any known outliers) so in the chart above, the velocity = ( 130 + 130 +150 + 150+ 152 + 148 + 151 + +147 + 152 + 141) / 10 = 132.8.  A team's recent velocity may be one of many indicators in estimating how much work could be completed by the team in a future sprint.

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