Planning Poker is a popular practice used by delivery teams (especially those using Scrum) to estimate their work. ScrumDo makes it easy to support the Planning Poker process, especially if you have team members working remotely. 

Planning Poker is usually used during a Sprint Planning event, with the Scrum Master facilitating. The conversations center around the user stories the team wants to plan and evaluates them in the context of meeting the Sprint Goal set by the Product Owner. 

In ScrumDo, one person initiates a planning poker session from right within a given work card (user story). Here’s the general cadence:

  • The person facilitating the planning session will open the card to be discussed and clicks the Playing Cards icon. Everyone else on the team will get a notification to join. 
  • The team discusses the work
  • The facilitator helps the team track the time they are spending discussing the work and solicits input on the appropriate time for casting votes
  • Everyone votes
  • If there isn’t agreement on the size, the facilitator clicks the reset button. The team can discuss further and vote again following the same general process described above.
  • When consensus is reached the Manager will click SAVE

For more information on this practice, check out our video on Planning Poker

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