In ScrumDo, there are three ways to Setup Teams. 

A. Teams being set up automatically (For Multi-team Portfolios)

For Safeban users, during the setup of your Portfolio, you have the opportunity to have your teams set up automatically or you can forgo that in order to set up your teams manually by yourself through the Portfolio configuration or the Teams’ Interface. 

B. Manual setup of members ( From outside all workspaces)

From the members interface you can now directly add members and give them access to various workspaces:

If you've enabled the groups interfaces from organization settings 

Manual setup involves 4 steps

  1. First, create the Group list in the group’s interface
  2. Give it access to the right access control you want this group list to have

3. Add the workspace this group list should have

4. Add emails and send the invitations. Once they accept the invitation they will be added to the workspace

C. You can also create groups from within a Workspace via the ‘Workspace Groups’ tab available within Workspace Settings. 

You can access workspace settings from the workspace palette as shown above.

If you have groups enabled you can manage them as well.

Please note: In Portfolios team permissions cascade. An Admin to the root portfolio will have admin rights throughout the entire structure. Similarly, a team level workspace's members that may have 'write' privileges to a child level workspace by default has 'read' access to the parent workspace.

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