Tasks is a way to break down a large piece of work in a single card into more bite-sized pieces. After creating the card, click on Tasks to open up the Tasks window.

The Tasks window is like a mini Kanban board. Click on New Task to add the required information. As the work is being performed, the Tasks move from right to left just like the cards on your Workspace.

The Task lanes can be customized in the Workspace settings here:

About halfway down the Settings page, you’ll find Sub Task Statuses. These can be customized to your team’s needs. Don’t forget to click Save before exiting Settings. 

Going back out to the Workspace, you can know just by looking at the card how many tasks are inside. This card “How to make toast” has 7 tasks.

As you progress on the Tasks, you will notice the face of the card changes to reflect the Tasks in their current color-coded lanes. (you’ll notice there are only 6 tasks on the card now, keep reading to see why)

If you find a task is a larger piece of work than originally planned, you can convert the task into a card. Select the edit icon.

Select Convert to Card and Save.

You will see the following message: 

Would you like to convert this task to a story? This is a one-way operation and cannot be undone. This task will be deleted after this operation.

Now you have a new card to work with and the former task is no longer in the original card. Now I have 6 tasks and not 7 in this card.

You can also edit the Task by adding an Assignee, Tags and even Time Estimate. Again - be sure to Save before exiting. 

Tasks is such a powerfully intuitive way to break down large pieces of work. 

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