Looking at your Workspace can sometimes be overwhelming. After all, you are a part of a well-oiled machine cruising through your Work in Progress! Sometimes it’s helpful to be focused on only a few things. So, for a moment, let’s see how you can focus on the trees and forget you’re a part of a forest. 

This is the filter bar 

When you click this, your filter options appear.

You can search by terms, assignee, labels, story number, modified dates, tags, card creator, collection, epic, created dates or cell. You can use only one field or any number of filters to narrow down your work view.

Saving Filters for Future Use

If you’ve created a filter that's likely to be used many times, you can also save it for future use. Just take advantage of the "Save Filter" button after constructing your query. You'll be prompted for a name, and will be able to quickly access it anytime by clicking on the Saved Queries icon on the left of the filter widget.

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