A common question which routinely comes up in teams is, “What should I do next”. 

WSJF, which stand for Weighted Shortest Job First, helps answer this question. 

WSJF is a technique for assigning a weight, or value, to each job, and then dividing that by the length of the job, in order to determine a relative ranking. In ScrumDo, this is how we calculate WSJF: (TimeCriticality + RiskReduction + BusinessValue) / points. Prioritizing using WSJF has proven to provide teams with the most efficient way to work. 

Please see the article on Sorting cards to see how to practically use this technique in sorting your cards. http://help.scrumdo.com/managing-work/visual-organization/sorting-cards

Please note: The full scope of WSJF is not implemented in ScrumDo intentionally. The traditional WSJF takes risk and reduces it to a single number. While the creators of ScrumDo, and as explained in the Scrumban [R]Evolution book, describe risk as a multidimensional factor.

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