What is a Burn Up Chart?

A burn up chart is a common reporting artifact used by Scrum teams. It tracks progress towards completion of a project or similar discrete endeavor. In its simplest form, a burn up chart plots two lines over time:

  • The total amount of work to be undertaken (scope of work) 
  • The amount of work completed

Why use a Burn Up Chart?

The goal of any report or chart is communication. Because a Burn Up chart clearly shows both total scope and completed work over time, it is an effective tool for communicating progress to clients and other stakeholders. They can also be leveraged to illustrate how requests for extra work are likely to affect any deadlines or estimated delivery. 

In contrast, a Burn Down chart does will not accurately capture or reflect a team’s output when scope changes are introduced, and can be mis-interpreted in such instances as an indicator of poor team performance. 

Unfortunately burn up charts are slightly more complex to interpret than burn down charts, so will often require some short explanation to people not familiar with them. Because of the extra information contained within a burn up chart, however, the added effort of explanation is more than worth the time.

How do you Create a Burn Up Chart?

Your Burn Up Chart is just a few clicks away in ScrumDo.  First, navigate to the reports section of your workspace, select the Burn Up option from your reports list, and select a specific iteration or all iterations for your report detail. Hit the refresh button if necessary, and your chart will be creat

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