When most users first log in to ScrumDo, they will arrive at their personal dashboard. Your dashboard provides a general overview of information relevant to you. Each section can be minimized and even removed if you are not interested in the data it provides. Your dashboard has 7 options: My Work in Progress, Track Time, My Cards, My Workspaces, My Badges, Organization Activity, and Completed Work History. Let's quickly review what each of these will show you: 

  • Track Time - If you are tracking your time, you will have data in this window.
  • My Cards - This window lists all of the cards you are named in or created.
  • Workspaces - brings you to the workspace overview, where you can see a complete list of all the your workspaces in the organization. 
  • My Badges - This area proudly displays the progress on your badges.
  • Organization Activity - This area displays your most recent work items.
  • Completed Work History - This area will show you how much work is getting done in each Workspace you are apart of. There is a drop down menu where you can search my team member if you have the appropriate permissions. 

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