One of the most common frustrations business leaders express about ongoing work in their organizations is the lack of real visibility into the actual health of initiatives.  Not a lack of status reports from people providing their best estimate (or putting their best face) on expected delivery, but reliable and accurate information that can drive better decisions. When information is incomplete or unreliable so, too, become our decisions.

ScrumDo Enterprise makes it easier for organizations to create a simple, single view of the truth around the state of work, the actual work demands being placed upon areas of the organization, and the actual capacity of those areas to deliver.  How? Through a “big picture” view of the complex workflows that feed your strategic initiatives.  Here is an example of the big picture view for a large organization that has chosen to manage its enterprise efforts following a SAFe model (Scaled Agile Framework): 

ScrumDo’s big picture view not only provides visual cues reflecting the relationships of work efforts across and within all levels, but it provides real-time data on the state of work at all levels. For each level, objectively measurable data about work for which no commitments exists (a backlog of “optional” work), work the level is committed to deliver (but has not yet started to undertake), work that is actively in progress, and work that is complete.  This big picture view also embeds warning signals driven by a number of factors that might impact delivery (realization of user-defined risks, workflow blockages, and more).  Here’s another big picture view of a less complex structure:

No matter how robust the tool or platform, however, the information and intelligence it’s capable of providing is a function of good design plus appropriate practices and procedures.  For this reason, ScrumDo provides in-tool access to a broad network of experts in multiple Lean-Agile frameworks who are ready to work with you directly or in conjunction with your own experts to assure you’re creating a single, simple and powerful source of truth for your organization.

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