Sorting cards in ScrumDo is as easy as the click of a button. This one specifically: 

A click of this A-Z icon opens up all the possibilities for sorting your cards. 

So, let’s walk through what these options are.

Card Rank - This is the natural order in which the card was placed on the board and signified by its number.

Point Value, Business Value, Time Estimate, Value/Time Estimate, Value/Points Estimate, and Due Date all correspond to the information you provide from within the card while creating it:

WSJF Value takes a little more explaining. Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF) takes into account Time factors, Risk, and Business Value. Here’s the formula we use: (Time Criticality + Risk Reduction + Business Value) / points.  For more on WSJF, read this article:

Card Age - Allows you to prioritize cards that are the oldest

Sorting is your key to quickly taking a look at the cards in progress and helps you prioritize your work. 

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