Portfolios in ScrumDo Enterprise are collections of inter-related workspaces that possess all of the roles, artifacts, and processes needed to deliver work that satisfies the strategic intent of the portfolio. Put another way, they represent an abstraction of the value streams, programs, teams and funding necessary to produce desired solutions.

Setting Up a New Portfolio

Navigate to the workspaces area of your account and click on the "+ New Portfolio" button located in the upper left hand side of the interface:  

This action will immediately launch our Portfolio wizard which will walk you through the essential steps of creating a new Portfolio. Your first decision points lie with defining the structure of your Portfolio (the number of levels it will possess and related parameters). A number of pre-defined templates are offered to select from:

After selecting your choice of structure, you'll be asked to provide further details for each level of the Portfolio you have designed (we highly recommend having the platform automatically apply access control rules):

You will also be asked to designate names, workflow types, and "labels" for your iterations (if applicable) and work item types:

Once all this information is provided, your new Portfolio will show up in your workspace listing.

Portfolio listings expand to show all of the workspaces associated with the Portfolio, and are listed separately from independent workspaces in your workspace list.

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