How do I create a workspace?

From your Dashboard, select the Workspaces link along the top menu bar. To create a new workspace, select the New Workspace button along the top of the screen: 

This will bring up an interface where you will be asked to provide important information about your new workspace:

Key things to note:

  • Name - Managing your different workspaces will naturally be much easier if you give them unique and descriptive names.
  • Workspace Flow - Is the work performed within this workspace going to be managed in time-boxed deliveries (i.e. - Sprints or Iterations), or is it going to be managed as a continuous flow of work? If you're not sure, don't worry. You can always change this setting after your workspace is created. 
  • Groups - If you have already created groups in ScrumDo (ScrumDo teams drive access control and privileges), you can select the group to which you want to provide access to this workspace. You will also be able to create new groups or invite new users to join once the workspace is created.

Upon clicking the ‘Create New Workspace’ button, you will be given the option to clone an existing board structure and settings of an existing project or choose to customize your own.

Personal Workspaces

To create a new personal workspace, click the ‘New Personal Workspace’ button on the right:

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