Moving cards

There are two main ways to move a card from one phase to another.  

When the card is on the workspace:

Simply click, drag and drop the card from one cell to another.

TIP: You can move more than one card at a time by holding down the Shift key and clicking several cards. Drag the selected cards to the next cell.

When the card is open:

  1. Cards can be opened directly from the workspace by clicking on the pencil icon in the upper right-hand corner of the card.

2. The second drop down menu located at the top right corner of the opened card reflects the current state the card is in (corresponding to your workspace design).

3. This menu will offer you a choice of cells. Hover your pointer over each cell to see the name of each cell in your workspace

You can move your card to any of the cells on the mini-board by clicking on a cell. TIP: Generally, when one activity is complete, the card will move to a cell on the right.

Click "Save Card" and you'll see the card has moved from its original cell to the one you selected. Beyond the visualization of workflow, ScrumDo is capturing data in the background around the flow of work that can be leveraged for a variety of uses ranging from team performance improvements to enhanced forecasting and planning techniques.

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