WIP stands for work-in-progress, and establishing granular WIP limits within any given workflow is a Lean mechanic enabled within ScrumDo.

Teams familiar with the Scrum framework may not recognize they already benefit from a built-in WIP limit within the framework -- the Sprint time-box.  Having a finite number of work items upon which to focus during an iteration is a WIP Limit with a low level of granularity. ScrumDo simply expands on this mechanic by allowing users to define more granular WIP limits within the workflow itself.

WIP Limits in ScrumDo

ScrumDo affords the ability to define very granular WIP Limits throughout our workflow -- down to each cell if that's what makes sense for our context. The most common practice, however, is to establish WIP limits for cell groups that relate to a particular segment of activity. 

 In ScrumDo, you can set both organizational and personal WIP Limits. 

To learn about setting personal WIP limits, please see this article:  http://help.scrumdo.com/managing-work/personal-wip-limits )

This current article is focused on setting organization WIP Limits. 

How do you set maximum and minimum WIP Limits?

You'll need to navigate to your board settings and then the Board Editor interface (from the board choose “Settings” icon just to the right of your project / workspace name). Select the cell or cells for which you want to establish WIP Limits enter the appropriate values in the boxes provided.  Scroll to the bottom and click save cell. 



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