Stop feeling stuck with how you’re getting work done & start getting the right work done with ScrumDo! Switch anytime between ScrumDo & Jira to keep your work, iterations, & teams in sync at all times with ScrumDo’s bi-directional syncing capability.

Bi-Directional Sync Makes Work Easier

You can switch back and forth anytime between ScrumDo and Jira to keep your work, iterations, and teams in sync at all times with ScrumDo’s bi-directional syncing capability, simplifying your work.

Customizable & Flexible Configuration Is A Breeze

Mirror Jira & ScrumDo workspaces with custom descriptions for fields, rows, and lanes. Let our bi-directional sync do the translating between apps.

Configuration Details

Before you begin:

Please ensure you have an active account with Jira. If you don’t have an account with ScrumDo before integrating – don’t worry, you can create an account with your Jira credentials.

You need to be a Owner/Staff in ScrumDo and an Administrator in JIRA to set up this integration. Please carefully follow these instructions to ensure that the integration is properly configured.  

Here are the following steps that must be completed.

Note: You can add the integration multiple times if you want to integrate multiple JIRA projects with a single ScrumDo project.

1. Navigate to:

a. Log in to Jira to create a ScrumDo account:


b. If you already have a ScrumDo account and you’re logged in, select your organization from the drop down menu:

2. You’ll be redirected to the ScrumDo Extras page where you’ll select your integration options. Here the following steps must be completed:

  • Configure the Server URL, Username, and Password. Click the ‘Conect to Jira’  button to pull all available projects into ScrumDo.
  • Choose the Project that you want to sync with or import as a ScrumDo project.
  • Select the type of issue you want to import.

3. Next you will be prompted to:

  • Map your Jira issue's fields with ScrumDo card fields
  • Map your Jira workflow statuses
  • Map existing Jira sprints into ScrumDo iterations. 
  • For an examples, click on the "i"

4. Compare between tools that your projects are mirrored & enjoy improved workflow!

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