Top NavBar Options

There are 6 options in the Navigation bar (NavBar for short).
My Dashboard, Inbox, Story Map, Workspaces, Members, and Settings Gear

My Dashboard
Your dashboard provides a general overview of information relevant to you. Each section can be minimized and even removed if you are not interested in the data it provides. Your dashboard has 7 options: My Work in Progress, Track Time, My Cards, My Workspaces, My Badges, Organization Activity, and Completed Work History.

Please see this article for details on the Dashboard:

The Inbox is a "watch tower" for you as a manager and a great way to understand the movements and actions happening in real time in your company.

(detailed article coming soon)

Story Map
Story Map provide the "Big Picture" for your organization. Here's an article that will provide more details.

Workspace tab can help you quickly move to your other Workspaces. You can also create a New Workspace, Portfolio or Personal Workspace here. If you "star" a Workspace we say it's "watched", the starred (watched) Workspaces will show up on your Dashboard for better tracking. You also have access to some quick performance stats here in the Workspace Tab.

This tab gives quick access to your Organizational Members. You can add new users here and grant them access to the desired Workspaces. With Staff access you can make edits to in this area. For more details, please read this article:

Settings Gear
Here are all of the options you can access with the Organizations Settings Gear in the upper right hand corner. (a more detailed article will be here shortly)

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