There are 2 ways to Export data out of ScrumDo. 

The first way is Org Level Workspace Export 

Click on the Gear Icon in the upper right hand corner and select Export.
ScrumDo automatically selects all workspaces for you. In order to rapidly unselect all, click on "All Workspaces". Then select the workspace(s) you wish to export. If your workspace is iteration-based, you can select the date range for the iterations you wish to export by using the "Filter by date" option at the bottom. 

Once you have the desired perimeters selected, choose "Download Export". The download should only take a few seconds. The more information you have in your workspace(s), the longer it may take to download. If it is taking too long, please consider trying a small size file. 

The Second way to Export is from the Card List area. The Card List export gives you much more control for exporting specific data:

You can select your perimeters by selecting all cards, certain cards, filtering by key words, tag, labels, etc. 

You also have the option to print these cards. The Print option is to the right of Export.

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