The My Dashboard page allows various drag and drop widgets to be snapped into place where you'd like to view them to track and manage what’s important to you. 

You can access the dashboard from any screen in ScrumDo as the link is located in the top menu of the app.

To begin, click on the widget menu button, located on the right hand side just below the main settings button. From here you can add widgets, enable dragging of widgets and even reset your dashboard.

We’ll start by adding each widget to the dashboard. There will be several widgets preloaded. Note that you can add the favourite report widget multiple times as you may have multiple favourite reports for multiple workspaces.

Let’s allow our widgets to be dragged. Now we can click, hold and drag our widgets where we’d like to view them. Once you navigate away from this screen the dragging will be disabled so your widgets won’t move around when you click them.

Notice there is a menu option in the top right of each widget. Here you can minimize, maximize or remove widgets.

Now let’s take a look at the various widgets!

- My Cards widget shows you the cards you’re working on so you know what to focus on next. They are segmented by workspaces and are clickable so you can get right to work. You can sort the cards by due date, aging details or by point value. You can also clear the sorting order for the default view by workspace.

- My Workspaces widget houses the workspaces that you are watching and helps you to quickly navigate there as the workspace names are clickable

- Current Assign Tasks widget gives you a pie chart where you can choose multiple users and view the distribution of tasks over a team

-Time Tracking widget allows you to enter & track timeat a portfolio level down to task level easily.

- Completed work history helps you see who has done what so that you can plan the future better.

-Favourite Reports widget helps you compare Burn-up charts, flow diagrams, time in state histograms and other powerful reports of different workspaces so you can Make the right decisions quickly by tracking any metric that is relevant to you, your organization or your team.

- My Work In Progress widget gives you a visual of your work in progress and it’s break down. And where your work is distributed across your organization in the My Work Distribution widget.

-Use the Organization Activity widget to conveniently preview the details of work in a timeline list format without having to enter each workspace and each card.

-Finally, view your ScrumDo learning progress in the My Badges widget. If you have badges left to achieve you can hover the information icon to see what steps you need to take to earn any badge and become a pro at ScrumDo - making you more efficient. There are even help files and videos conveniently located with each badge so you can quickly and easily find the most important information.

More widgets are on their way!

We hope you’ve found this tutorial helpful. If you have any unanswered questions please reach out to us by clicking on the little message in the lower right corner or by clicking ‘support’ in the settings menu. For more tutorials and help files click on help in the settings menu.

Thank you for being part of the ScrumDo team - where better work happens! 

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