As a ScrumDo user you can view and manage your details and if you are a staff user in ScrumDo you can view the details of other users’ ‘My Profile’ page to quickly view helpful information about that users activities. To see your own profile click on the gear and then click ‘my profile’.

The left hand side will display some basic detail like:

Email address, avatar, time zone, role within the organization, recently achieved badges  that assist in learning how to use ScrumDo, and workspaces a user belongs to.


The first main view of your profile, ‘my account’,  gives you the ability to change your:

Name, Username, Email Address, Password, And even to delete your account


Under the ‘notification’ tab you can choose how you would like to receive updates to progress made in ScrumDo with various options. Advanced notification options are available with Slack integration.


'Activities’ gives you a feed of the most recent, you guessed it, activities of a user.


The ‘Cards’ tab is a favourite user profile feature of mine. It will show you all the cards assigned to a user in all workspaces - including backlog cards & even archived cards.  You can choose various sorting options and filter by workspace, work stages and card activity dates. You can quickly and specifically view a user’s workload


‘Reported Time’ lists all reported time of a user and broken down by date, workspace and even task time reporting. The cards are ‘clickable’ so you can easily view the entire card quickly for additional details. You can view reporte time by date range and you can click on the ‘time tracking’ link for more in depth time tracking reports.


The ‘Risk’ tab lists all blockers associated with a user, current and/or resolved so you can see the challenges a user is facing or possible bottlenecks that may be slowing down the progress of a team.


The ‘Stats’ tab gives you a condensed view of a users progress and capacity in widget format. See a user’s capacity allotment by workspace, current Work In Progress and historical work in progress, assigned tasks pie chart for user comparisons by workspace and even completed work history pie chart for user comparison by workspace.


Finally, the ‘extras’ tab show you what current applications have access to ScrumDo as integrations and is the place where you can revoke or authenticate applications. For example, Slack, GitLab/GitHub

If you are a staff user you can click on any user’s avatar to see the user detail popup and you can go to their profile page from there. No more wild goose chases for a team members information! Once in a users profile you can view their account, activities, cards, reported time, risks and stats pages.

We hope you’ve found this tutorial helpful. If you have any unanswered questions please reach out to us by clicking on the little message in the lower right corner or by clicking ‘support’ in the settings menu.

Thank you for being part of the ScrumDo team - where better work happens!


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