To begin, you’ll need to navigate to your Profile from the settings menu.

If you’re an existing user then you may have to enable badges by clicking on the toggle here on the left. If you are a new user then badges will already be enabled and you’ll just Click on the Badges Tab.

And here we have a list of all the available badges! Note that the words in orange font are clickable and will lead you to the appropriate help file or video. If you click on the little ‘i’ you will be shown the steps that are required to achieve each badge. Your progress will be displayed in the horizontal bar below the badge name.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect to learn:

The purpose of the S.O.S. Badge is to make sure you know where you can find answers to common questions, contact our customer success team and access our help files & videos.

With the Post-It badge you’ll learn some of the basic and most used features of ScrumDo - doing work! Creating cards & tasks, moving them through the stages of work from setup time to done and the structure of a card are the focus of this badge. We have powerfully customizable cards designed to support just about any type of work process, with advanced value systems to get the right things done.

Discover powerful reports with the Spock badge. The reports help file will explain the purpose of each report. Root out impediments & risks with our blocker reports. See work flow, identify bottlenecks and understand predictable delivery times.

If you are a staff user and you’ve been sent out to explore the possibilities of ScrumDo for your organization then this badge is unique for you. You’ll pave the way by creating new workspaces, inviting users, creating boards and becoming accustomed to special board views for planning purposes.

The Hawk Eyes badge, aside from having a super cool icon, is an important one for getting the right work done because it helps you learn to plan better in ScrumDo. Map out big ideas and break them down into workable chunks from the top portfolio downstream planning tool where you can stay on route and big picture view down to team workspaces with the local planning tool. You can view the connections between teams and pieces of work with the Big Picture.

Gandalf encourages you to complete the setup guide for the best ScrumDo trial & future experience. The setup guide is located in the dashboard - there are 4 easy steps that will introduce you to ScrumDo, help you get started, learn how to navigate the ScrumDo app, show you how to invite your team and where to find the local planning tool and how to use it.

To earn the Tourist badge, simply watch the Getting Started video! Imagine ScrumDo as your ‘home’ planning and process improvement tool!

With the Flow King badge you’ll learn how to stop starting too much work and start getting the right work done by limiting work in progress on a team level and even at a personal level.

ScrumDo offers powerful extras to integrate with. Take a look at our integrations page.

Separate signals from noise with our Slack Integration and amplify your collaboration.

Other available integrations include GitHub, GItlab, and we’ve even teamed up with Bascamp 3 & Jira for bi-directional synchronization of projects in real-time.

When you achieve a new badge you’ll get a pop-up message and an email congratulating you and encouraging you to earn your next badge!

Staff members can view a user’s progress in their User Profile to see what understanding they may have of ScrumDo.

ScrumDo Badges can be turned on or off at any time, progress will not be lost.

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