The Inbox keeps you posted with what’s going on in your organization grouped by the cards those activities take place in.

You can view details of each activity by just clicking on it. Also, you can access the card directly from its update in the inbox. You can even comment on a card from the Inbox view.

Inbox provides different ‘inbox types’ so you can group messages and filter, to get you the most relevant updates quickly.

Filtering: You can filter activities per Tags. For example: If tag is selected as ‘urgent’ then all and only the activities having the “urgent” tag will be displayed. 


Group Messages By:     

Workspace: This option will group activities in Workspaces. For example: Workspace 1, Workspace 2…

Labels: You can group your messages by labels and activities respective to  labels. The messages will display under each label separately. 

Read/Unread: On selecting this option, activities will be displayed under Read and Unread categories. 

Select & Delete (within a category): You can select any activity and Delete it from the list.


Select All and Delete: You can Select all activities across the inbox by clicking on the Select All checkbox and then hitting the Delete button. This will make your inbox empty. 

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