Displaying Multiple Iteration data on your board

Tired of opening multiple tabs to see all the iterations of workspace? Now the juggle is over as we have added a new feature in the board where you can see all the cards of desired iterations.

Let’s see how we can use it:

Select the Iteration/sprint whose data you want to display in the board. You can click the vertical (Iterations/Sprints) tab on the right side. This will display all iterations of the workspace. 

When you select your desired Iteration(s) the corresponding cards of that iteration will start displaying. Iterations where you are working will display as pre-selected in the Iteration list and can’t be de-selected. 

This will help in managing the cards and view overall progress of workspace.

Other Features:

  • Move a card from one iteration to another just by dragging that card.
  • Add a new card to any iteration from that board.
  • Cards can be moved to another cell.
  • Set WIP (Work in progress) limit which will be applied to all the selected iterations on the Board
  • Filter iterations by using dropdown, available in the side tab. As a result, the filter will display all the future and current iterations, along with the iteration(s) as per the value selected in the filter.
  • Show Archived iterations by enabling the 'Show Archived' toggle button. 
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