Time is our most precious commodity so when we work, we want to make the best use of our time. A great reason for using Harvest to track time is to help assure we are balancing our days between work and leisure. Many of us have families and hobbies that we want to give time to as well. Tracking our time through Harvest helps us to enjoy both aspects of our lives.

While we have a pretty robust way of logging and tracking time within ScrumDo, if your organization is already using Harvest to log time, we have provided a Harvest integration. This article will show you how to set it up.

In your ScrumDo account open the board of the project where you want to see your time tracked with Harvest.

Now click “Settings” as shown below:

 Then navigate to “Extras”:

Scroll down the page until you see Harvest. Click “Enable Harvest” and the button will turn from gray to orange. 

Now go back up to the top of ScrumDo and click “Board” from navigation bar. Open a card for which you want to track your time. Click the "Track Time" icon as shown below. This will open your Harvest interface and you can start the timer and get to work. 

TIP: you do not have to keep the card open for the time to be tracked.

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