Every workspace in ScrumDo gets a special email address that you can use to create new cards in your backlog. This can make it really easy to quickly create cards on the go, integrate with external systems that already send email, or get management to easily participate in your projects.

Workspace Managers can find this email address by navigating to the Settings area, selecting the Extras option, and then selecting the "Email a Card" option.

Rules to note in order to assure the resulting card is exactly what you want:

  • The subject of the email will become the summary of your new work card
  • The body of the email will become the detail field (optional)

Within the body of the email (after the detail), you can also optionally supply any of the following:

  • assignee: username, username2
  • due: 2015-01-01
  • tags: tag1, tag2
  • labels: label1, label2
  • points: 5
  • epic: 3
  • estimate: 3:00


Every card created in this manner will also be automatically assigned the tag "email-generated."

Some Caveats

  • E-mails must be sent from an address that's associated with a user account that has write access to the project (so if you're integrating with another system that automatically generates e-mails, you may need to create a special account for this or otherwise assure the system will designate an appropriate "from" address.
  • This feature is only available on premium level subscription plans.
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