With ScrumDo Slack integration you can 

  1. Receive notifications in Slack just as work is managed in ScrumDo
  2. Manage work in ScrumDo through the Slack interface

Receive notifications in Slack just as work is managed in ScrumDo

When performing any of the following actions, a notification will be generated in the Slack channel:

  • Card Notifications
  • When a new card is created in the Workspace 
  • When a card is moved 
  • When a card is updated or deleted
  • When a card is blocked or unblocked
  • When a conversation is added by a team in the Conversation section of card
  • Task Notifications
  • Adding a Task to a card
  • Moving a Task in task lane
  • Deleting a task 
  • Notes Notification 
  • When a note is created within a Workspace/Iteration
  • When updating or deleting a note
  • Adding a comment to a note
  • Attaching a document with a note

Manage work in ScrumDo through the Slack interface

  • Manage Iterations
  • Manage Cards ( Create, Move, Archive, Delete Cards, Add Tags/Labels)
  • Manage Tasks
  • Manage Blockers
  • Assign work
  • Update Due Dates
  • Commit work to iterations
  • Get the prioritized backlog
  • Track your own work

Get to know your command interface in Slack to manage work with command after you've successfully integrated ( Scroll Down on how to integrate)

/ScrumDo help

Here is a list of ScrumDo Slack commands

To connect yourself with a Slack channel to interact with ScrumDo features.
/scrumdo invites

We will show you all *Slack configured* ScrumDo workspaces to connect with.
Add a Card
/scrumdo newcard [summary]
Example: /scrumdo newcard Add a feature to create Card from Slack
This will add a new card in *Backlog*.

Move a Card
/scrumdo movecard [Card Id]
Example: /scrumdo movecard SD-91
Options will be provided to move card to different cells.

Delete a Card
/scrumdo deletecard [Card Id]
Example: /scrumdo deletecard SD-91

Archive a Card
/scrumdo archivecard [Card Id]
Example: /scrumdo archivecard SD-91

Add a Comment
/scrumdo addcomment [Card Id] [comment text]
Example: /scrumdo addcomment @team - how are we doing with Slack Integration?
Adds comment to the card.

Block a Card
/scrumdo block [Card Id] [Blocker's reason]
Example: /scrumdo block SD-91 Waiting for Database.
*Blocked* a card with provided reason.

Unblock a Card
/scrumdo unblock [Card Id] [Blocker's resolution]
Example: /scrumdo unblock SD-91 Got database schema.
*Unlock* a card with provided resolution.

Display all current cards assigned to you
/scrumdo mycards
Example: /scrumdo mycards
Display all the cards assigned to you.

Display Backlog cards
/scrumdo showbacklog top [number]
Example: /scrumdo showbacklog top 5

View and update Card
Card Details
/scrumdo showcard [Card Id]
Example: /scrumdo showcard EF-69

From here you can show comments, show tasks, archive or delete card.

Using the drop down you can also Add labels, tags, assignees, update Due Date, Reprioritize or move the card on the board or move it an entirely different iteration.

Note while tagging you can also use previously used tags. New tags cannot be added.


Add/Update Due Date
/scrumdo duedate [Card Id] [yyyy-mm-dd]
Example: /scrumdo duedate SD-91 2017-08-07

Add a Task
/scrumdo newtask [Card Id] [task summary]
Example: /scrumdo newtask SD-91 Add a feature to create Task from Slack
A new Task will be added to the card in first column.

Task Details
/scrumdo showtask [Card Id] [Task Id]
Example: /scrumdo showtask SD-91 #11
I will show the Task detail and some options to update the task.

Add an Iteration
/scrumdo newiteration [iteration name]
Example: /scrumdo newiteration Slack Release
A new iteration will be added.

Show Current Iterations
/scrumdo iterations
Example: /scrumdo iterations
This will show all current *Iterations*.

How to Integrate Slack with ScurmDo

Slack-Scrumdo configuration is a 2-step process that can be established from the 'Extras' option available in the 'Workspace Settings':

  • Step-1 Authentication: You need to authenticate your Slack team account and this can be done once the user confirms identity on Slack. 
  • Click on the 'Authenticate' button (after that you will be redirected to Slack screen)
  • Complete your Slack credentials
  • Select the Team and corresponding channel
  • Step-2 Configure: This step includes the configuration of the channel corresponding to the Slack team selected in the above step. 
  • Select Team channel (default channel selected in above step will be displayed)
  • Select activities (which are by-default selected) that can be performed after successful integration.

Once the configuration is completed, the selected channel and activities will be displayed in the configuration page. 

Once the configuration is completed, you will have the ability to perform activities (task management) from your Slack channel which is configured with the ScrumDo workspace. First, you need to authenticate yourself from Slack using the below command so that you can perform actions directly from Slack.

  • Invites: Before using ScrumDo interactive features from Slack, you need to connect yourself with a Scrumdo Workspace from the slack channel. This can done by using the 'invites' command: 

Command execution method: /scrumdo invites

Once executing this command, a dropdown with a list of all the workspace(s) connected with that slack channel will be displayed. As soon as you select any workspace, a message with a 'here' link will be displayed. Once clicking this link, you will be redirected to a screen where you need to provide the confirmation. This link will set up a communication bridge between the ScrumDo workspace and the Slack channel for you. Now you are ready to use Slack commands for workspace related activities. 

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