There are few teams and organizations who don't have a need to share information about their work with stakeholders who don't have their own accounts in ScrumDo. ScrumDo allows you to provide non-account holders with read-only views of your projects / workspaces, or the option of publicly sharing customized views (premium plans only).  

How to Share

  1. Select the ‘Settings gear’ icon displayed on the top right-hand side of the navigation bar on your workspace board.
  2. Select the ‘Sharing’ option in the left panel
  3. Choose the iteration you wish to share and press the ‘Share Iteration’ button OR choose to share a single workspace url using the “Share Workspace” toggle button.

By default, only cards to which you have assigned a "#public" tag will be visible. 

Regardless of whether you choose to share a specific iteration or all iterations in your project / workspace, when you select the relevant “Share” option, a special URL will be generated relevant to your selection.  This URL will provide anyone to whom you provide it a read-only view of your visual board for that specific iteration. 

You can change what tags will cause a card to be displayed by typing a new tag name in the box beside “Tag” and clicking save.  Alternatively, you can select the “All Cards” checkbox.  By default, all card details will be shared.  You can limit which fields are displayed by making your selections in the “Shared Card Fields” section.


Unless you have a specific need to limit your stakeholder views to only a single iteration, it's probably most efficient to manage only a single sharing URL by opting to share your entire workspace / project.

Sharing Subsets of Cards

It is possible to share the same iteration with different options if you’d like different people to see different subsets of your cards.  As described above, you can do a number of things to create different URLs for different elements of your projects. 

NOTE: Make sure to only share the URLs you generate with those to whom visibility of your work and workflow is important. Recognize this sharing feature is not useful for people who will actually be contributing their efforts to your work. These people should be invited as users (see our separate help topic on that).

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