This guide is a quick-start for people familiar with Scrum, Kanban and have a team of teams to manage.

 We’ll assume you’ve already started a free ScrumDo trial and have created your organization and first workspace.


First it's important to note that ScrumDo serves small teams to large teams of teams. Much of this applies to larger teams of teams.

Portfolio workspaces
In ScrumDo the work for a large team of teams is managed by a Portfolio workspace. You can read about workspaces here:

Personal Dashboard

Upon logging in, users are taken to a personal dashboard (follow link for more detailed info & screenshots).Here you will see what you cards are assigned to you, quick links to workspaces you watch ( starring a workspace is watching a workspace),  manage your personal WIP limits and check out what's going on in the organization.

Portfolio Backlog 

ScrumDo Enterprise supports different approaches to creating your initial inventory of work. This inventory is often referred to as a “backlog” in many Lean-Agile frameworks (such as Scrum), and we will use these terms interchangeably.

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