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An Iteration or Sprint is a time-boxed event whose primary function is to both focus team effort and insulate the team from interruptions.  At the start of the time box, a limited scope of capabilities is designated to be delivered by the end of the time-box.  Lean-Agile frameworks often prescribe or emphasize the use of time-boxes because of the performance benefits they can provide in many contexts.  For teams that utilize Scrum, iterations are a mandatory practice.

Continuous flow, on the other hand, is just what it sounds like.  Work is not begun and delivered in time-boxed cycles.  Rather, work is begun and delivered as capacity allows. Capacity can be understood and managed through a variety of mechanics.  A common mechanic is the Work in Progress (WIP) Limit (a policy that limits the number of items a given team or workspace can have in progress at any given time).  For teams practicing Kanban or Scrumban (Kanban layered with Scrum), time boxes are optional and often used sparingly.  

What should you pick?

First, the good news.  ScrumDo is the only tool that offers the powerful flexibility of managing and organizing work using either time-boxes or continuous flow or both simultaneously. Even in the same workspace!

The decision as to whether you need an Iteration management framework or a continuous flow management framework should be driven by the nature of work your team undertakes, the organizational context in which the work is being performed, and the expectations your customers. Too many teams and organizations abdicate this critical choice to a premature decision on a framework that mandates one way or another.

A workspace can be setup to be iterative or continuous.

From your workspace settings, a 'Continous' Iteration (i.e an iteration with no end date) will need to be selected as THE iteration. And the workflow setting should be made continuous.

An Iteration with no end date is a 'Continuous' Iteration

Want more help? Our accredited Scrum, Kanban and Scrumban coaches have decades of experience and insights across a wide spectrum of environments to help guide your decision.

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