Fun fact: The @ symbol for centuries had been used only by bookkeepers, written by hand in a ledger. That was until 1971 when Ray Tomlinson manning an ARPANET Terminal came up with a little program and decided to use it to communicate from computer to computer.  The rest as they say, “Is History.” 

Every ScrumDo user has a username and it is preceded by the @ symbol. For example, Jane Doe is the Scrum Master of her team and chose the username @janethemaster. We use the @mention functionality in two places: in Card and within a Chat. 

In order to use this function in ScrumDo you will start with the @ symbol and the list of team members will drop-down, then type the first couple of letters of the person you want to communicate with, when the name of the user you want is highlighted in blue click on it or hit enter.   

To use the function within a card in your project, you can communicate with another person on your team by using their @username: this is most often used in the comment section. Your teammate will receive an email showing the comment by you. Figure A

Figure A

The other places in the card where you can mention someone is in the summary, details, and other fields that you may have added to the card like an Acceptance Criteria. Figure B

Figure B

Note: in the Assignees box the dropdown menu shows all of your teammates by actual name and @username. 

We also have a chat functionality within ScrumDo. To reach out to a teammate in Chat use the @ symbol in the chat box, you will get the drop down menu of users as you do within a card. Figure C

Figure C

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