Tags and Labels are a powerful way for making logically relating work in order to gain important insights and understandings across a variety of arenas.  There are two ways to add tags to a project / workspace in ScrumDo. One is through the Settings interface; the other is through an individual card. Labels, on the other hand, can only be created within the Settings interface.

Adding Tags

Go to the Settings button located just to the right of your project name in the top left hand corner. 

Click on the Tags and Labels option from the menu shown along the left hand panel.

To create Tags, navigate to the bottom of your Tags List in this panel and click “Add Tag.” A box will above the ‘Add Tag’ button. 

As you start to type the name of your new tag, the box you are typing in will "drop" to its proper alphabetical order within the list.  When you finish typing, hit the SAVE button. You’re done. The three buttons to the right of each tag allow you to edit the tag, delete it, or view all the cards that are associated with that tag.

Adding Tags from Within a Work Card

It's also possible to add a tag from within the card interface. Under the #Tags section of the card, type your tag name into the empty text box.  As you type, a list of matching tags will appear.  Either select an existing tag or press "enter" to create a new tag (or click the plus sign at the end of the box to create a new tag). The tag appears in the box. 

If you made a mistake click the gray x beside the tag and it will disappear. Save your card. 

The tag shows up on the front of your card at the bottom with a hashtag # before it.

Creating Labels

Click on the "Add Label" link in the Tags & Labels interface to add a new label to your project / workspace.  As with adding tags, an empty text box will appear at the bottom of the list into which you can begin typing the name for your new label. Don't forget to select a color (preferably distinct from a color used by any existing labels). Don't forget to click the SAVE button when you're done. 

Use the edit and delete buttons to the right of each label to perform those functions. On your visual board, labeled cards will display the color of the labels with which they're associated along the top border.  Users can hover over the label to view the name. 

One of the more useful capabilities provided by labels relates to working with your backlog.  From your visual board, click on the Backlog Slider to display the work cards currently in your project / workspace backlog. In the dropdown menu on the top right, choose to display your work cards “By Label.”  Your backlog display will now be grouped by label. To view the cards associated with a certain label, click the triangle next to the label name.

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