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Fun fact: The @ symbol used throughout the today's digital world was, for centuries, the exclusive domain of bookkeepers (written by hand in a ledger). In 1971, Ray Tomlinson came up with a little program to allow communications from computer to computer. The rest, as they say, is history, with platforms ranging from Twitter to Facebook following convention. 

Every ScrumDo user has a username. In different areas of ScrumDo, it's possible to specifically signal another user by preceding their username with the @ symbol. For example, let's assume Jane Doe is Scrum Master for her team.  When she signed up for ScrumDo, she established the username @janethemaster. Other users can signal Jane in two places within ScrumDo by utilizing the @mention functionality: within a Card and within our Chat feature.

When users type in the @ symbol in either of these locations, ScrumDo will display a list of team members matching your entry.  Just highlight and click on the name of the user you want to signal (or hit enter) and ScrumDo will generate a notification to that user behind the scenes (in whatever forms the user has set within their account settings). Users should be sure to check their spam folders and settings to assure notifications aren't being trapped.

@mention inside a work card

TIP: In the Assignees box within a card, the dropdown menu displays a list of all of your teammates by actual name and @username.

@mention from chat

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