Our Import tool is a very handy time saver. Here's how to use it:

First, you need to take an export of the workspace you wish to import data into. 

First, click on the Gear Icon and Export. ScrumDo automatically selects all Wprkspaces, but you only want to select 1, the 1 you are going to import into. So, select "All Workspace" to quickly remove all the check marks and select the one Workspace you want. Then choose Download Export. 

This Export then provides the file rubric needed to plug your import details into. A few notes here - The File types that ScrumDo can import are -xls, xlsx and csv. No need to provide "Card Name" as ScrumDo will automatically do this for you. 

When your file is ready, go to the "Card List" tab and choose Import.

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